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Amethyst / Copper Elven Ear Cuffs

Pieces of fine amethyst are attached to this elven ear cuff. Crafted out of non-tarnish copper wire, the ear cuff is accented by small swirls and requires no ear piercings to be worn. Sold on Etsy.

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the only thing that matters are the trees and the air and the love you pass on in everything you do. you are not even here. life should be treated like a dream. enjoy your dream, stop thinking about things that dont matter, everything is okay.

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any of my flowers from NYC?

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Galaxy Space Print Bodysuit Romper Hoodie with by CoquetryClothing


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Some men don’t notice their woman until other men do. Fucking shame.

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The Cherry Blossom |  |  |  | 

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intrepid: Earthrise, photographed from Apollo 12, November 1969.

5 Hasselblad photographs, taken from lunar orbit, between 18th and 21st November.

Image credit: NASA/JSC, c/o LPI. Animation: AgeOfDestruction.

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Thranduil’s armour in The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies x

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I’m so hungry
But not for tilapia and broccoli which is what I made for lunch

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i can’t wait to not have kids and spend all my money on myself

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Urban Labyrinth

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I saw The Purge Anarchy with my boy yesterday. It was suspenseful, I thought I was going to crush my man’s arm and hand. He was equally at the edge holding on to me.

It was absolutely better than the first one, but I wouldn’t own it.